After my adventures trying to clear space on my iDevices I spend the morning getting thoroughly distracted trying to clear up my PC. I tidy up some of my download folders and then tire of the ordeal.

Our various friends arrive for a crafternoon. I, as usual, abstain in the interests of keeping the Kinderbeast entertained. It’s not that I don’t enjoy crafting, or afternoons for that matter; it’s just that it’s much simpler to give the Kinderbeast my undivided attention at the times rather than suffer being interrupted every seventeen seconds.

We watch Jurassic World for about the eleventy-hundredth time. After that we almost watch  Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (except the Kinderbeast can’t quite remember the title and keeps asking for variants of Cloudy Is It Meatballs). For whatever reason the film doesn’t hold his attention. I get invited to play a round of Sushi Go while the Kinderbeast latches onto the one guest who is still actually crafting. Which, I guess, is standard five-year-old mentality: “All these people are sitting around doing nothing, but, no, I’ll pick the one who’s still trying to get something done.”

Later on we finally finish off The Power Of The Daleks, which is soooo good that I basically want them to animate all Doctor Who episodes in black and white from now on. (And I told you it would take us weeks to finish it, didn’t I?)