It’s Saturday, which even in single-parentland is still Designated Lie-In Day. I make it to 8am before I start to get twitchy and get myself out of bed. Even though I did the weekly shop yesterday, I’m still keen to foster the Saturday Morning Family Food Shopping Trip that has become a surprisingly successful habit over the past weeks. Fortunately, a friend of mine is doing a food drive for her charity which gives me the perfect excuse to drag the kinderbeasts to the supermarket.

We, once again, survive the experience and return home for Saturday Morning Film Club. We have some debate over what to watch, and then I remember I have a copy of The LEGO Batman Movie conveniently lying around somewhere (ha! sucks to be you Village Roadshow!). It’s not quite up there with The LEGO movie, but it’s easily the best Batman film since The Dark Knight (ha! sucks to be you DC … Movies … or whatever you’re called!). Afterwards it’s time for the traditional weekend viewing of Moana. Which is still awesome. Even after the 500th time.

I have friends coming round for the evening and had great intentions of preparing food early in the day. Which I totally didn’t do. I then make the mistake of settling on the sofa to watch a bit of Moana, and decide that I really don’t want to move again. Ever. I eventually rouse myself and get the food underway (a selection of roasted vegetables, marred only by some disappointingly flaccid baby carrots). It is a very fine, very chilled out evening made all the more memorable by my most artistically inclined friend designing and drawing me a fantastic coat of arms for the newly dubbed Castle Cawthorne.

Castle Cawthorne coat of arms