It’s Fucken Monday, and it’s a public holiday for the whole of WA!

Except where I work.

I wake up dismayed to discover that I still have a headache: it woke me up in the night, and it lingers with me for the morning. I bypass my Morning Shift in favour of trying to sleep the headache off. It doesn’t work. I manage to get myself out of bed, make breakfast for the kinderbesten and swallow some panadol.

I asked Rachel to arrive by 8:30am to watch the kids so I could get off for work (because of course the schools are closed). She’s bang on time but I’m not even dressed. I finally leave the house and the roads are blissfully empty. Because everyone else gets a lie in today.

My headache finally begins to fade after some coffee and a dose of nurofen. I end up having quite a productive day, despite being left with a massive post-headache tiredness. Luckily we have leftovers for dinner (some pumpkin dahl) and the kinderbesten mostly keep themselves entertained. The Kinderbeast is somewhat restless at bed time, but eventually settles. I finally make it to the sofa at 8:30, armed with a glass of wine and an acceptable quantity of Brie. For my evening’s entertainment I’m onto part two of The Secret Of Crickley Hall, which continues to do a fine job of retaining my attention.