I’ve decided to wrap the work week up by taking in a vast quantity of homemade brownies for morning tea. It’s meant to be part of a thank you for everyone’s patience with me, as I dealt with the collapse of my marriage, as well as a celebration of the fact that our team has been together for a year now. However, I say none of these things in favour of simply letting everyone tuck into the brownies for the sake of enjoying some brownies.

My friend Seb is unable to make Fridate, so it’s just me and the kinderbesten. I let them chill out with their iPads while I make full use of my new IKEA shelves and unpack my CDs. It’s the first time they’ve been properly out of the box for about a decade. I worry that I’ll run out of space, but in the end there’s still several shelves empty.

Solution: buy more CDs.

Inevitably, several discs catch my eye as I rack them up, so I put them on. I end up spending the evening relaxing on the sofa and listening to music. Again, something I’ve not done for a looooong time. It’s glorious.

For bedtime reading I decide I want to read a graphic novel: Friday night always feels to me like it should be comic book night (but it rarely ever is). Many months ago I picked up a copy of Wicked + Divine in a Humble Bundle. I start reading this and am instantly hooked. Beautiful art. Brilliant script. Totally out there story. Brilliant.