It’s Designated Lie-In Day, but I’m still up by 8am. I’m keen to continue the habit of bringing the kinderbesten along for the weekly food shopping trip on Saturday mornings, and we finally make it to the shops for 9:30am, which isn’t too bad: it’s still relatively serene in the aisles.

By popular demand (i.e. the Elderbeast’s idea) the day is to be spent playing Broforce on the PlayStation. Before this happens, I engage the services of the Elderbeast to help me clean the gutters, which proves frustrating for all concerned. In the end I abandon the task due to a lack of suitable tools. And patience.

We then go and play Broforce for a bit, until the Elderbeast decides to switch to The Binding Of Isaac. After this its time for Saturday Morning Film Club. I suggest Spider-Man 2, since the Kinderbeast has expressed interest in Spider-Man recently. However, I get voted down in favour of Despicable Me, which is still pretty awesome. While the kinderbesten watch, I adjourn to put clean sheets on my bed … mainly because I can’t remember when I last put clean sheets on(!) I enter into battle and finally leave the bedroom both victorious and very excited about Clean Sheets Night.

I then nip back to the supermarket, having forgotten earlier to get drinks and snacks for a cinema trip tomorrow. See, I refuse to pay the insane prices for post-mix coke  and popcorn that the cinema charges. And yet I leave the supermarket with $25 worth of drinks and snacks, which mostly undoes the budget logic. Never mind! The victory is still mine as a major corporation once again fails to fleece the little guy by selling overpriced crap.

Wait ….

Anyway, I’ve promised the kinderbesten KFC for dinner, so we drive to our new KFC restaurant that has recently appeared down the road (which actually makes it sound far more mysterious and interesting than it really is). Along the way we listen to songs from Moana, and the Kinderbeast sings along: he knows every word–which isn’t surprising since he goes to sleep listening to the soundtrack every night. Meanwhile, having had many discussions with the Elderbeast about the fact that we really don’t need to buy the largest variety bucket available to humanity, given that there’s only two and a half of us eating, I finally get him to relent. We leave with a very modest quantity of food which, even then, he doesn’t manage to eat all of. But it is very delicious. Our new local KFC is definitely bringing its A Game. For now.

I’ve got nothing planned for the evening, which means the Elderbeast and I get to have some quality time together and watch an Awesome Movie. For this occasion the Elderbeast has requested Predator, which naturally I’m up for. It’s a great movie that’s not necessarily a good one. Bizarrely, the mastering of the bluray makes it look like everyone’s caked in make-up for the most part, but it’s not too distracting. All the classic lines still land, but the whole thing’s still only a few corny lines (and several million dollars) away from being a legitimately bad movie. The Elderbeast, of course, has a great time with it.