For Sunday I’m taking the Elderbeast to see Wonder Woman. But first: writing.

I’ve vowed to get up every morning this week to write, and the writing week starts on Sunday. It’s true that I intend to get up every day (except for Saturday: Designated Lie In Day) of every week for writing, but I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get up when the alarm goes off, so this week is all about making sure I start early enough to get some quality writing time in.

Writing happens, then it’s time to get ready. The film starts at 11:15am, but we need to drop the Kinderbeast off with his grandparents first, following which I’ve decided it would be a great idea to have time for waffles before the film starts. Also, I have a headache, so everything’s taking longer. Or at least it feels like it. We end up getting to the cinema an hour before the film starts, and because it’s Sunday nothing’s open in the shopping centre yet. I buy waffles but the Elderbeast decides he doesn’t want any, so I have to eat the lot. It’s a terrible sacrifice, but one I’m prepared to make. Then, even though I’ve already bought drinks and snacks, he still talks about getting post-mix Coke. This does not ease my headache.

Finally it’s time to go and get our tickets. The film is a fair bit longer than I expected; this, coupled with the later than usual start time (I was originally planning for 10:30am), means I’m probably not going to be able to drop in and see my friends afterwards as expected. It’s yet another in a series of scheduling fails from me. However, the film is great. I was expecting it to be good, based on word of mouth, but it was probably better than that–mostly because it largely avoids being a superhero movie in favour of being a commentary on war, innocence and heroism. Consequently the CGI battle at the end comes as a disappointment, something that has been a universal opinion as far as I can tell. It’s funny: the one misstep in the film is the one thing that everyone normally expects from a superhero movie.

After the film we head back to collect the Kinderbeast from his grandparents’ house and get invited to stay for lunch. Roast lamb is on the menu, which is, coincidentally, exactly what I was going to cook for myself. However, it would be the height of insanity to pass up the offer of a home cooked roast dinner. So we stay. And it is absolutely delicious.

Back home and it’s already bed time for the Kinderbeast, and Doctor Who time for the Elderbeast and I. It’s a pretty good one this week (The Eaters Of Light) but, like much of this season, fails to truly excite me–with the exception of Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie, who consistently make every moment worth watching.