It’s Pathfinder day. I’m thinking that I don’t have to arrive until midday, which gives me time to get a few things done, but a quick check of both the Facebook invite and the Google Calendar entry confirms that things actually kick off at 11am. I need to shower, get chicken in the slow cooker, have some damn breakfast (it’s “damn breakfast” because I’m “damn hungry”) and leave by 10:30am.

I allow myself a lie in until 7am, and then get an hour’s writing in: managing to finish the second draft of my new short story, which feels pretty good. It still needs some work here and there, but things are on the right track. The rest of the morning goes pretty smoothly. I get the chicken cooking, I make myself some eggs, and I’m out of the door in good time. I do, in fact, arrive for Pathfinder almost on the dot of 11am.

Which is when I learn that the start time is midday after all …

No worries. I get a bonus hour of chatting, snacking and drinking tea.

Once the game is done I get home to await the return of the kinderbesten. I need to make sure dinner is ready, get tomorrow’s lunches done, and put away all the cocaine and sharp objects. They get back, we have dinner, everyone’s had a fine weekend. However, I look around and the dishwasher has only just gone on, the sink is piled up with pots and pans that I really can’t be bothered to wash, and there is washing airing up in the craft room that has been there since Friday. I wonder where the weekend went.

Naturally, we end the weekend with Doctor Who as well as bonus (yet disappointing) Brie. Doctor Who is exceptionally good this week, which is very welcome given how excited I’ve been about seeing the original cybermen making a reappearance. The show has done a superb job of matching up the aesthetic of the overall episode to the original cybermen design, making it seem entirely appropriate that something designed in 1966 would look perfectly appropriate in an episode filmed over 50 years later.

Bring on next week’s finale!