I start my Friday by finishing the first draft of a new story I started three days. It’s come in at just under 2,000, which is nice and short, and was inspired by a doorbell. It’s possible that only introverts like myself will find it scary. But I hope not.

I head home from work looking forward to my childfree weekend, but then find out that my application for consent orders has been queried by the court. It turns out there’s a particular detail missing on one of the documents that my lawyer prepared. Given that the sole reason I hired a lawyer was to ensure that my application didn’t get returned by the court because I’d missed something, this turn of events leaves me considerably displeased.

In what seems to signal a theme of the week (that theme being ‘things that do not happen’) I also learn that a friend’s party has been cancelled. I wasn’t planning to go, but I was scheduled to babysit for the Kinderbeast for Saturday evening so that the Rachel and the Elderbeast could go. (I’d even bailed out of another social event because I’m sucky at scheduling and had double booked myself). However, I’m far less irritated at the late cancellation than I am by the fact that the party has been cancelled because most of the host’s guests had bailed at short notice – which is Ultimate Suck.

I take Beryl home and decide to leave the weekly shopping for the morning. Friday is fast becoming Improvised Dinner Day, which I’m kind of cool with. I have two lentil burgers left in the freezer; I cook them up with some melted cheese on top. On the side I stir fry some veg in maple syrup and soy sauce, which proves remarkably delicious. I open a bottle of Forester Estate (birthday present from my Dad) and enjoy a glass of that on the side.

For my Fridate Horror Movie viewing with Seb we watch a 2006 chiller called The Last Winter (SEE WHAT I DID THERE??!) which came from a list of cold-themed horror movies (NO, SERIOUSLY, DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE???). It’s interesting, and tries to do something different but has a very mild fail to it–perhaps because the reveal relies on CGI monsters, something which can bring down far mightier movies than this.

However, we then watch the short Oats Studios film Zygote – which is terrific, and ends the evening on a considerably higher note.