I manage to sleep in until 10am. Actually sleep. Which is almost unheard of. While I’m glad for the extra sleep, I’m also aware that I’ve lost about two hours of my day. I get to Coles for 10:30am for the weekly shop, and find that it’s still pleasingly quiet. After that I drive up to the shopping centre.

Oh yes, another item on the list of Things That Did Not Happen for this week is the Elderbeast’s Mindfulness class; due to start next Thursday, until it got cancelled due to people bailing at the last minute. I am, however, hopeful that I might be able to arrange some individual sessions, for which he will still need a yoga mat, which is why we end up at the shopping centre. I buy the mat, and some books for the Kinderbesten, but manage to avoid spending any more money and head home with that curious sense of satisfied dejection which comes from having preserved your bank balance, but not having any new toys to play with.

I do the sensible thing and prepare food as soon as I get back: burgers for dinner tonight, and a slow-cooked beef stew for the freezer. As I cook, I get consumed with a general sense of irritation over my court papers and the general air of Not Happening that has pervaded the week. I take a few hours determining how to resolve the court papers issue, with some very welcome advice from a lawyer friend. However, all the preparation in the world doesn’t avoid the fact that I can’t do anything practical about it until Monday, and then there’s no guarantee that the application won’t get returned again. Meanwhile, I have an unconditionally approved mortgage application that expires in another 30 days. If things go ok, I’ve got plenty of time. If there are further hiccups, I start sweating.

My planned project for the day was to design a t-shirt–I’ve had an idea in my head for a t-shirt design for a loooong time but haven’t done anything with it. Today was meant to be all about making it happen. I don’t quite get the job done, but I manage a healthy start. Maybe you’ll see it on redbubble one day …

I have an old friend coming round for dinner, and I’m looking forward to catching up. We eat burgers (which turn out to be intimidatingly massive, but delicious) and have a good chat. After that we can’t decide whether to play some PS4 or watch a movie. We jokingly suggest watching Superman III (it’s a long-standing joke between us how terrible that film is) and it quickly becomes the only sensible choice for the evening. It’s as terrible as I remember it, but also strangely enjoyable. And the Clark vs Evil Superman scene is as good as anything in moment in the previous Superman movies. It’s strange to think of an era where a production company would let a blockbuster franchise sink into the toilet as quickly as Superman did. These days we’re used to sequels being bigger and better; the law of diminishing returns seems to have been forgotten as we continue to favour past successes instead of championing fresh material