Saturday. I manage to get up at 9am, feeling shabby but functional. The Elderbeast tells me he ‘did a vomit’ during the night, but otherwise seems fine. I leave him at home while the Kinderbeast and I head out to do the weekly shop. I make a point of stocking up on painkillers, as the primary symptom of this latest plague seems to be dull, persistent headache. I manage to spend $120 this week, which is a little better than the average $140, but comes without the buffer of lots of non-essential expenditure (such as eight packs of butter).

I let the Elderbeast play games for a while, then we break to watch Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 for Saturday Morning Film Club. I have zero ambition or expectation for this weekend, given my physiologically impoverished state: playing video games and watching movies is more than acceptable. After the move, we play around with the new update for No Man’s Sky. This seems to capture the Kinderbeast attention particularly well. Then we take another break to introduce the Kinderbeast to Guardians Of The Galaxy, which continues to be awesome.

It’s pie for dinner. I’m keen to try out the new Four’n’Twenty vegemite pies, but I’m not completely insane so I test them out on the kinderbesten first. They meet with all round approval, and are surprisingly tasty despite the fact that they should, by all rights, be absolutely gross.

I let the Kinderbeast have a bonus evening with my iPad, since I basically lack the energy to stand up and read him a story. Meanwhile, the Elderbeast and I sit down and watch Pitch Black. It’s been a number of years since I last saw it, and I’m keen to revisit it. It’s perhaps not quite the seamless classic that I remembered it as, but its many good parts are still as good as I remember.

I go to bed feeling a headache brewing, and take some precautionary paracetamol. I’ve definitely ended this day rattling.