Wednesday. I sleep much better than last night, but still have to battle a mighty wall of reluctance in order to get myself out of bed. I manage a slightly leisurely morning shift, secure in the knowledge that it’s Late Start Day at school (when doors open at 8:50 instead of 8:30). Despite the relaxed pace, we’re all still ready well before 8:30. I twiddle my thumbs for a bit, and then decide I may as well do my mid-week grocery shop before school instead of after work. Which I do. Radical: I know! The kids get flavoured milk as a bonus.

My three-meeting day at work quickly becomes a one-meeting day, with added cake and cookies, so all’s well there. Suitably energised, I manage to knock a fair bit off of my to-do list. I also make arrangements to visit my settlement agent the following week to sign what will hopefully be the final bits of separation-related paperwork. At least, until the inevitable divorce. Which is about eight months away, at the earliest, at this point.