It’s a #childfree Saturday. I enjoy a lie in, knowing that I don’t need to go shopping. The downside to this is that it takes me far longer to get my day started once I do get up.

I’ve pledged to try listening to some podcasts this weekend, and spend about an hour researching potential worthy listens. In the end I cheat a little and listen to an episodic audio drama called Homecoming. I stick it on in the background while I do my weekend’s worth of cooking: meatballs for Pathfinder tomorrow, with deep fried potato balls for the vegetarians. The whole exercise ends up taking me nearly three hours. On the plus side this means I get to listen to the entirely of Homecoming. However, I am also knackered so I prescribe myself some rest. I collapse on the sofa and continue my unofficial classic Doctor Who odyssey with a rewatch of Pyramids of Mars. As with my other recent choices, it’s every bit as good as I remember it being.

After that I’m sufficiently refreshed for an hour-long writing shift. I’ve had an idea for another short-short story and get most of the first draft written before it’s time to head out for movie night at a friends. We eat delicious chilli and then watch Dave Made A Maze – which is … a-maze-ing. But, seriously, it was weird and fun and different and you should all watch it.

I drive back home and am in bed by 10pm, which is a pretty unexpected twist for a Saturday night: an awesome night with awesome people, awesome food and an awesome film *and* an early night! Would that we could live like this every day.