Wednesday. I wake up tired and voluntarily ‘oversleep’, which means I turn the alarm off and end up getting out of bed around the same time that I usually wrap up my morning shift. The extra sleep leaves me disorientated rather than refreshed. I figure I can fix that via some caffeination at work … and then remember I’m interviewing all morning and won’t have time to get coffee until closer to midday. In the face of this emergency, I get a cafetiere going and figure I can caffeinate myself via the magic of a travel mug.

I drive the kinderbesten to school, where we quickly realise that neither beast has been accompanied by their school bag. I put this down to collective failure and we drive back home to get the bags. After the beasts have been unleashed within the school grounds I realise that I’ve forgotten my coffee as well, but I’m already running late and can’t be bothered to do a second return trip home.

At work I get the first interview wrapped up, then decide that the second meeting of the morning can be cancelled in favour of getting coffee. I then have two more interviews to do, after which I discover that someone has booked into a 2 1/2 workshop for rest of the afternoon.

I am, unsurprisingly, dead by the time I get home. I endure a delightful range of continuing tech-fail, but finally manage to sort out birthday cards for the folks back in the UK. I then have the unbridled joy of trying to work out how to claim a refund through PayPal, which is about the least fun thing I’ve done on the internet all year.

I go to bed, ridiculously exhausted, and pray for sleep. Or death. Whichever comes first.