It’s Friday, which makes it the perfect day for a lunchtime trip to the shops to my cake for my team. This also gives me the chance to pop into K Mart to look for some $15 poster frames that I’ve spotted on their website. They have plenty in stock, so I grab one for testing purposes.

I find, later on, that the frame is microscopically too small for my posters, but only by about 5mm on each side. I decide to have a go at trimming one. It goes so well that I march right on and trim all the other posters; deciding I will make an early morning trip back to K Mart tomorrow to grab more frames for them all.

I’m on a roll by now, so I finally decide to take my original Nightmare On Elm Street poster and put it in the bargain, yet ‘proper’, frame that I acquired via gumtree several weeks back. It’s a tiny bit more complicated than the K Mart job–lots of masking tape required–but it goes in a treat and looks awesome. The only downer is that I will need to get the drill out tomorrow in order to hang it.

After that it’s time to chill out for Fridate. Tonight’s horror movie is Prevenge, which manages to be both extremely funny and extremely gory. It’s a treat.