It’s a Saturday, and despite having the kinderbesten I’ve planned a busy and efficient morning: a round trip to K Mart (to get frames), Bunnings (to get picture hooks) and then Coles (to get the weekly shopping). I’ve got the kinderbesten all fed, dressed and ready to get in the car by 9am … then I spot a dirty great screw sticking out of one of my rear tyres. I grab my screwdriver and tentatively begin unscrewing the accursed pin but, sure enough, it’s gone right through. I quickly screw it back. I have visions of expensive tyre replacements and tedious visits to garages on Monday. I cancel my ambitious morning plans, with the exception of Coles, which is close enough to walk back from should the tyre go completely flat.

We do the shopping then, on a whim, I check my local garage and find that it’s open until midday. They tell me not only that they can fix the tyre in about 20 minutes, but that I can bring the car over immediately. $25 down, and a brief sojourn in the garage playing with the hot drinks dispenser later, and the car is fixed. I head to Bunnings — the kinderbesten electing to stay in the car — where it takes me about 15 minutes to find picture hooks. Then I finally get to K Mart to buy my poster frames. Meanwhile the kinderbesten buy themselves Fidget Cubes (like, literally with their own money!).

I get back home and resign myself to some drilling–six holes in all for some of the heavier frames. The K Mart frames are light enough for basic picture hooks, which is a relief. At about 3pm I realise that we haven’t had lunch and quickly knock up  a late breakfast. After that it’s Saturday Afternoon Film Club, for which we select The Empire Strikes Back.

The evening is spent having much fun, and food, and wine with friends.