Today we went to Bricktober. It was a relatively spur of the moment decision (i.e. I only found out about it yesterday) but made for a very nice Last Day Of School Holidays treat for the kinderbesten.

LEGO has been an important part of our household—as it has been, I would imagine, for most family households. I used to play with it when I was a kid; I continued to play with it before I had my own kids; now, since the kinderbesten have inherited that fondness for LEGO, I have a house full of the stuff.

Bricktober presents an entirely different level of LEGO: massively detailed panoramas that hardcore fans have put together; custom builds of huge Star Wars vehicles; robotics experiments. You name it—if it’s possible to do it with LEGO, someone at Bricktober has probably done it. Or at least tried.

I left the exhibition full of admiration for what these fans had achieved with imagination, discipline and plastic bricks … and also with one of these: