I’ve decided that my house is like a jigsaw. I get everything just the way I like it, then something needs moving: in this case a TV that needs to come out of the guest room.

Where do I put it? There’s nowhere left for it to go.

I have to make a space for it: a proper TV viewing space. But this means moving something else in order to make that space. And then making more space to move the thing into that I’ve just moved from somewhere else in order to make space.

It all worked out in the end–better, in fact, that it was before–but there’s still a cause and effect at play. We rarely leave empty space in our homes. Every corner is used, everything has its place. Moving one thing causes a reshuffling of the deck and you’re never quite sure where it’s all going to land until it’s finished.

Wouldn’t be a problem, really, if furniture wasn’t so damn heavy …