Today I was very stressed. Very. Really Very. Like the sort of stressed I was virtually every day a few months back when Very Bad Things happened.

I’m pretty sure it’s all to do with the fuuuuuuuu from yesterday. I’ve mostly come to terms with the insurance debacle: it’s only money and I won’t miss it once it’s gone. But I think the business with the Elderbeast hit me pretty hard. He’s been remarkably well balanced over the last few months, and seeing him genuinely stressed and upset is tough. I can’t keep him happy all the time, but it was a bit of a throwback to some of the struggles we had earlier in the year.

But there are positives. I was stressed today, but most days I’m not: today was a reminder of that. Likewise, the Elderbeast is in a markedly better place now than he was earlier this year.

Also, I emailed his PEAC teacher to thank her for her intervention of yesterday. In return I got a lovely email that helped reassure me that we’re all on the right path.

Not all bad, then 🙂