Today was a #childfree Sunday and really crystallised something I’ve been aware of for the much of the last month: the novelty is starting to wear off a little. I’m tending to miss the kinderbesten a bit more over these weekends, I’m finding less that needs doing around the house (or that I can be bothered doing). I’m–dare I say it–getting a little bored …?

I’m still relishing the opportunity to have some time to myself, but I feel that it’s time to take a fresh approach to these weekends. The ‘time off’ has become unfulfilling in it’s own right, which means it’s time to find stuff to fill the time with. Right? It’s time for some new routines.

I don’t know what those routines are. I just know that I don’t want to slip into wasting these weekends by aimlessly pottering around the house, or watching whatever comes to mind to fill the time.

Watch this space …