Tonight, on easily one of the hottest nights of the last few months, I ended up with both of the Kinderbesten sleeping in my room.

They have an irrational obsession with sleeping in my bed: I mean, given the choice between having a whole bed to yourself, and sharing a bed with someone else, which option would you choose? Anyway, we’ve managed to get things down to a routine: the Elderbeast gets to sleep in my bed on Sundays (unless he’s especially restless, in which case he gets banned for an indeterminate period of time), while the Kinderbeast gets Monday night.

This being Monday night, it was the Kinderbeast’s turn. Unfortunately the Elderbeast was insistent about not sleeping in his own bed. Meanwhile, I was insistent up on the exact opposite. The Elderbeast eventually proposed dragging his [double] mattress and duvet from his room, through the hallway, across the lounge, and into my room, where he was convinced there was sufficient floor space to accommodate his sleeping arrangements. I, naturally, chuckled over this … until it turned out he was perfectly serious.

We eventually compromised: the Kinderbeast being relentlessly determined to sleep on my floor, I grabbed his duvet along with a second duvet for extra padding, and settled him down in a mock sleeping bag arrangement. Somewhat to my surprise, he stayed there all night, even declaring it to be “pretty comfortable”.

I, meanwhile, slept very well on my very comfortable queen-size mattress πŸ™‚