(May 4 – 10)

Still immersed in the initial edit of the horror chapter. One interesting shift I’m starting to notice is that I’ve stopped keeping a close eye on the word counts. When I started on this project, my very vague word target was based around having a certain number of words per chapter; while I’ve not concerned myself too much with the overall word count, I have been making sure there’s at least a certain number of words going in there.

Initially the drive was to make sure I’d written the Minimum Required number of words for each chapter. Now that I’ve taken my eye off the ball a little, I’m noticing that the word counts are heading somewhat north of the initial chapters. Hopefully this means that I’m comfortable with these characters, and this scenario, and the words are simply flowing much more easily now … and not that these later chapters are going to end up being a tedious slog for readers.