Today is PEAC day for the Elderbeast. I drop the Kinderbeast off, drive up to a whole other school to drop the Elderbeast off, and then go to work. At 11am I leave work to go and collect the Elderbeast from PEAC. I have a lengthy conversation about the quality of the Elderbeast’s handwriting, which falls somewhere between that of a UK NHS employee and my own (i.e. abysmal), and how it’s holding him back.

I then drop the Elderbeast at his usual school, where he has his first session with his new mentor, and then have an even lengthier conversation with his usual teacher about how his lack of focus is holding him back.

Clearly work needs to be done.

We end the day with the penultimate episode of Luke Cage. Never before has binge-watching a series been such a marathon task.