In a switch from yesterday, Sunday sees the Kinderbeast being dropped off with the family while the Elderbeast and I head out to see Spider-Man: Homecoming. I mess up the timing somewhat and we get to the shopping centre way earlier than we need to be. It’s so early that part of the centre is closed off. Unfortunately, it’s the part of the centre that contains the cinema. With the help of a nearby sushi chef we realise that the impressive-looking black metal fence is actually unlocked. We push it aside and continue on our way. To kill the remaining time I grab a coffee, and we end up getting to our seats after the lights have gone down–which is only a problem because it causes us to miss half of the new Thor trailer.

Spider-Man ends up being as good as everyone says it is, but I still end up enjoying it more than I expected to. I appreciate that it’s a film about Peter Parker, rather than Spider-Man, which gives it a pleasingly different feel to the other Marvel movies.

Back home we fill the void that is Sunday Without Doctor Who by watching the previous year’s Christmas special, which is a very lovely little tale but nothing anyone would call Doctor Who at its best. After that we all watch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (one of my acquisitions from yesterday) which ends up being the second film of the day that I enjoy far more than I expected to.