It’s Fucken Monday, and it brings with the excitement of the new Doctor Who being announced. I’d already decided I wasn’t likely to be awake for the announcement itself, so I ask my friend to text me when he finds out so I can find out first thing. I go to sleep desperately hoping we’re about to get our first female Doctor, and wake up ecstatic that they’ve finally done it. I show the Elderbeast the announcement trailer, without telling him anything about who they’ve cast, and experience a Proud Parent moment when I hear him whisper to himself: “Yes! It’s a woman!”

It’s the last day of the school holidays and Rachel messages to tell me she’s got a migraine, which means I also get a bonus day off to look after the kids. I somehow manage to get some laundry done, banana bread baked, and the Elderbeast showered all by 10:30am. I then start off a reset of the Elderbeast’s PC, which inspires a trip to get a new mouse and mousemat.

Rachel is well enough by the afternoon to collect the Kinderbeast and take him for his latest round of vaccinations, which gives the Elderbeast and I time to go shopping and fill up the car. The Kinderbeast returns with tales of bravery, and is rewarded with a new LEGO Creator set which he starts building immediately. At the Elderbeast’s request I make tuna mornay for dinner, then it’s back to the normal school-week routine of getting lunches ready, sorting out uniforms, etc, etc, etc

Once the kinderbesten have been banished to sleep I briefly debate what to watch. I’m keen to continue with The Night Manager BUT … Game Of Thrones is back, and the episodes will be out on Mondays, and Monday is my TV night. I, quite sensibly, decide that Monday will be Game Of Thrones Night (at least for the next seven weeks).

I briefly note to myself that this will be the first season of Game Of Thrones I’ll be watching on my own, but it doesn’t matter: the show feels like an old friend.